|| March 15th – 21st ||

March 15th – Behind On YouTube Videos Again

I played Kim K’s game and watched Little Man because I was forcing myself to stay awake. I braided my hair and dozed off sometimes until I got up and went to sleep in my bed. My mother woke me up before 10 am by opening the windows. I read some of 50 Shades Freed and played Kim K’s game until I got up to drink my tea. I read 50 Shades Freed throughout the day and finished it. I chopped veggies and had them steamed for lunch. I had to wait a while on other things to finish then I ate lunch. Later on I had a snow-cone. I took a shower and watched YouTube videos because I’m behind on them once again. My glasses broke again. 😦 I don’t think they were soldered properly the first time. That night I watched Once Upon A Time and ate popcorn. Afterwards I watched YouTube videos and went to sleep.

March 16th – I Guess I Had A Slight Anxiety Attack?!

I woke up after 6 am and stayed in bed on Tumblr. I got out of bed after 7 am, ate breakfast, got ready and left home before 9 am. I got a mini bus and he drove really slow to the next bus stop and picked up 2 people, parked and got out for at least 5 mins. When we got around the corner we saw another mini bus and was told anther minibus turned around in front of us. That idiot driver sped until he caught up to the other mini bus and tried to overtake in corners. They raced for about 15 mins, then the mini bus I was in turned around  and headed back to the gas station, then drove about half way back to my house and turned around again to head to town. I got to class 30 mins late and couldn’t be bothered to go because I wanted to break down and I was really angry. I explained it to the teacher once the class was over and went to my second class. When class was over, I left and went home. I played Kim K’s game, ate lunch and watched Wives With Knives for 3 hours then Ellen. I got tired of Watching NBC news so I watched The Princess Diaries 2, followed by The Incredibles. I had a shower and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians and decided to start watching Under The Dome. I saw 2 episodes last summer and decided it was cool enough to watch.

March 17th – Homework In On Time

I fell asleep watching Under The Dome. I woke up before 7 am, which was early for today. I had to continue the episode of Under The Dome seeing as I fell asleep mid-episode and then I watched another episode of it. I was also getting some phrases together for a translation test I had later. I had breakfast, which was cheese and egg and I had to make myself some tea. I started to catch up on YouTube videos before I left home. I did some hand washing, got ready and left. I got to school 20 mins early and went to the nurse to get my calf checked out because I was having a pain. Then I went to class and we just chatted about assignments. When I returned home, I helped a neighbour bring in a bag from the bus. I got inside and couldn’t decide what to watch so I watched a bit of 16 and Pregnant and Toddlers and Tiaras before watching Ellen and eating lunch. After Ellen, I watched two more episodes of Under The Dome and got started on homework due that night. I watched Return to Amish and One Big Happy. Thank you Ellen for having that show as well. I managed to send in my homework before 11:30 pm and it was due for 11:59 pm so that was amazing.

March 18th – Missed Tyler Oakley’s Catfish Episode

I woke up after 6 am in bed. How did I get there? I have no idea. I lazed around for a bit and then got ready and left. I needed to see if I could get my glasses fixed seeing as they broke again a few days before .The technician as on break when I got there so I left and went to school. I did some homework for class at 1 and ate my lunch. Class went ok. I did the presentation and wasn’t picked on to much. After class, I left and had to wait at the bus stop for a mini bus. When one finally came, it was packed. When I got home, I watched Ellen and Girl Code, then Catfish. Later on I watched Strangest Weather with my mother, then Modern Family and Black.ish. I missed Catfish with Tyler Oakley because I slept through most of it. When I pulled myself together, I washed up the wares, went to bed, and slept.

March 19th – TV Day

I woke up after 6am and fell asleep only to wake up after 7 am. I stayed in bed and 20mins later I got up and rushed to get ready skipping breakfast. I made it to class not too late but I couldn’t wait to get home. When I got home, I ate breakfast, watched Jerry Springer and played Kim K’s game. Sugarstars showed after Jerry Springer, and was followed by Super Saver and Clean House NY. Super Saver was 2 women competing against each other for $10,000 USD and they had to host and event for the family they were given. Clean House NY is about cleaning up a hoarders house and throwing out a bunch of things but also selling some of their things to gain money, which would contribute to the remodeling of their homes. I cooked ramen and watched Under The Dome. I paused it for Ellen and as soon as Ellen was over I went right back to watching Under The Dome. I did some crochet and fell asleep watching it, then went to bed.

March 20th – Cover Letter Printing Fail Letter 😦

I woke up before 7 am and finished my cover letter which I had started god knows how long ago. I watched Under The Dome and ate breakfast. I did my hair and had to force myself to stop watching Under The Dome because I kept saying 1 more episode, just 1 more episode. I finally left and had to wait a while for a mini bus. I talked to a friend the entire ride. We had to get out of that mini bus in the Yard and get into another before heading to town, so that was even more time wasted. It was a rainy day so it drizzled here and there while I was in town. I need to get my cover letter and resume printed so my father told me go walk around and come back at 2 pm. I did that and when I came back he couldn’t print it from my flash drive so I had to go find somewhere to print it and I couldn’t find either of the 2 places I was told to go. I gave up and went to The Van Stand and waited on a mini bus for my route. As soon as 1 came I got into it and waited. It was the start of rush hour, plus it was raining so I needed to be on one. I read The Vincent Boys on the way home, ate lunch, watched Ellen and Under The Dome until I slept.

March 21st – The Fall

I woke up before 11 am and had my tea and soon after it was soup for lunch. I read The Vincent Boys and swept my bedroom floor while playing Kim K’s game. By 3 pm I was home alone and decided to watch season 1 of The Fall. Jamie Dornan is in it and I just love the Irish accent. I ate 2 bowls of popcorn. Seeing as the first season was only about 5 hours I watched it all. When that was over I watched a bit of YouTube videos, then went to sleep.

How was your week?

What is your favourite accent?

Have any of you had anxiety/panic attacks? If so can you tell me what they’re like?


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