|| March 1st – 7th ||

March 1st – Agrofest

I was up by 7 am and watched YouTube videos while playing Kim K’s game. I put on Rick Dees and ate breakfast while reading 50 Shades of Grey. I flat ironed my hair, well tried to because it was still poofy with all the new growth. I cleaned my room up a bit then chopped the veggies and made salad. I fixed my hair, ate lunch while reading 50 Shades of Grey, and then watched YouTube videos. My mother and I got ready and left home before 4 pm to go to Agrofest. It’s an agricultural festival where there’s livestock, food, vegetable and craft stalls and a petting zoo. There’s also clothes and toys as well. We did some wine tasting and I realized wine isn’t exactly my thing. Then I made my mother come with me to the petting zoo and there were guinea pigs, bunnies, and Shetland pony.

IMG-20150303-WA0006It walked over to me and I stroked it’s nose then it went back to the corner it was standing in. One thing I really hate about Agrofest is that there is way too many humans. Having to walk slow behind people and having sweating bodies touch me is just…no. I had popcorn and my mother bought me a pair of earrings. I could smell roast corn and I had to hunt it down. I finally did and bought 2. YUM!!! It was around 7 pm at this time and I started to get cold. When we were walking to the car, I had to stop and buy some fishcakes. Even though I had to wait a while it was worth it. We left and when I got home, it was too late to even bother watching Once Upon A Time, so I watched YouTube videos. I did my homework and slept.

March 2nd – Murder Show

I woke up before 7 am and made tea. I did my hair and homework, then ate breakfast, got ready and left. I had to run to the mini bus and I did get to school early. The teacher was a no show so we sat in the lounge and just talked about TV shows and movies. In the second class, we had a talk and I took a nap for about 10 mins. When I was walking to the bus stop, I saw 4 monkeys run across the road. They are so cute. I caught the bus and when I got home, I ate lunch and watched Jerry Springer. Afterwards, I watched a show called Scorned: Love Kills which is basically a murder show. After that show I listened to the music channel and then watched Ellen. I had a break down which lasted a while. I attempted to do my homework and watched The Bachelor and The Voice. After those shows I attempted to do more homework

March 3rd – Late Night

I stayed up and watched Catfish and Toddlers and Tiaras before going to my room scrolling through Tumblr and sleeping around 3 am. I was woken up before 8 am but didn’t get up til after 8 am. Yes there’s a difference. I found the bracelets from a teacher that my mother brought home for me. He wasn’t lying when he said he would give me 1.The last 2 are the new ones he gave to me.

IMG-20150303-WA0007I played Kim K’s game while eating breakfast and then got ready and left. I had to wait about 30 mins for a minibus and got there before 1 pm thinking I would be late but class didn’t start as yet. This class is just something else. We had discussions and just laughed a lot at jokes. By the time I left class, I apparently missed the mini-bus so I got into the next one and read 50 Shades of Grey for most of the journey. When I got inside, I had a huge plate of lunch and watched Friendzone. 3 people got out of the Friendzone of 5 in the 3 episodes. I watched Ellen, Returning to Amish and then the usual Wheel-Of-Fortune and Jeopardy. Well I kind of did considering I was watching YouTube videos as well. Unfortunately, I fell asleep at the end of Fresh Off The Boat and slept through most of Repeat After Me. My mother’s noise woke me up as she stepped inside, then the nagging began. After about 10 mins I got up and had a long, hot shower because I wasn’t going to deal with 19C (66F) weather. I cleaned up the sink and headed to bed.

March 4th – Catfish

I watched YouTube videos till I fell asleep basically. I got up after 5 am for a bathroom break and was like what idiot is going to shower at this ungodly time. My bedroom is between both bathrooms so I can kinda hear the water running. I did fall back to sleep but woke up before 8 am. I got up and had breakfast and played Kim K’s game while attempting to finish an essay that was due Monday and homework for the same day. I did some hand washing and got ready and left. I wanted to leave by 11:30 am but we all know that wasn’t going to happen. I did manage to get to the bus stop by 11:40 am though. I waited almost 40 mins for a mini-bus and my god, 2 came at the same time. They spent about 10 mins just over taking each other till 1 of them hit the back of the one I was in. It was just a slight tap. We had to get out of the mini-buses and they went back to the yard. I decided to just go back home, I would’ve been too late anyways. I had to wait 40 mins for a mini-bus so I could get back home :'(. Since I didn’t have lunch before leaving home, I fried up some rice. I watched Return To Amish and then 16 and Pregnant before watching Ellen. I started my thigh workouts during 16 and Pregnant. After Ellen, I watched YouTube videos because I really wanted to catch up on them. I watched Modern Family, Black.ish and Catfish. That Catfish episode was really creepy and the background music didn’t help either.

March 5th – Finally Caught up on YouTube Videos

I started watching a show but got bored of it and went to bed. I fell asleep before 1 am and was up by 7 am. I ate breakfast, got ready and left home a little late. I got to class late and couldn’t wait to leave. When class was over, I left and when I got home, I watched Jerry Springer for a bit .There was breaking news that interrupted the show so I decided to watch Once Upon A Time. I ate lunch, then listened to music while dancing and pressing shirts. I played Kim k’s game and watched YouTube videos until it was time to watch Ellen. After Ellen, I went back to watching YouTube videos and had dinner. I pretty much watched YouTube videos until I slept. I had to wake up and go to bed and fell asleep again.

March 6th – Crochet Challenge

My mother woke me up before 8 am just to print something for her but I didn’t print it till 15 mins later because I didn’t want to move and my laptop had died while I slept. After crawling out of bed I had breakfast. I spent a great deal of time looking for a crochet pattern to do a blanket in but gave up on that and started it in the treble stitch. I crocheted for a few hours and watched YouTube videos. I cooked myself some ramen, which I ate whilst watching Couple Killers and Wives With Knives. Yay more murder shows. I watched Girl Code, Ellen and a bit of NBC’s depressing news. I watched Long Island Medium and then I saw that RV was showing and I didn’t watch that movie in such a long time. It was hilarious. For the rest of the night I watched more murder shows. It’s just interesting to see how these people were and how they cheated on their spouses to then get someone to kill them.

March 7th – FunForLouis Didn’t Come To Barbados

I went to sleep before 1 am because I was waiting on my mother to get home. I was watching YouTube videos and playing Kim K’s game as well to keep me awake but that failed. I woke up after 8 am and continued watching YouTube videos, I was sad that FunForLouis wasn’t coming to Barbados. He’s in St. Kitts. I crawled out of bed at least an hour later and had breakfast. I had to clean my floor again. I pretty much sat at my laptop all day on Tumblr and playing Kim K’s game. I had a shower and read 50 shades of grey while cooking some spaghetti. After a late lunch I returned to my room to cuddle up in my bed continuing to make my blanket .All day was just Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest. Later on I had a quick Skype chat with my cousins and then started to watch a movie but fell asleep after 20 mins.

How was your week?

Does anyone have pets?

I hope you have a good week next week! 🙂


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