Dear Future Husband…


If you have one of my favourite eye colours,expect me to stare at them.

If you have dimples,I must poke them daily.

If your hair is longish,braiding will be done.

If you’re taller than me I’ll love you more. 🙂

If your bowlegged,please walk in front of my and let me admire you from behind.

If you have nice biceps…just know I’d always be touching them.

You don’t need rock hard abs,just a tiny bit of ab definition and I’m all for it.

Honesty is the best policy.

Excuse my random cussing,rude come backs and mood swings.

When I cry,just hold me.

Care to dance?

Movie night once a month is mandatory.

Date night once a month?

Choose my outfit for date night.

Cuddles are mandatory.

I would randomly buy you a gift even if it’s not your Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

If we go grocery shopping,don’t be alarmed if I still ride on the cart.

Please know how to cook.

Please don’t expect me to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2,I barely cook ok enough for 1.

I’m a tulip and carnation kind of girl.

My rings,must be rose gold. Just saying!

We will not have a joint bank account.Your money is yours,my money is mine.

I do want children.

I will forever love you.

Those are just some random things I look for ,would do to/for and want from my future boyfriend/husband.

Please feel free to leave your Dear Future Husband… in the comment section,whether it be funny or serious.


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