|| February 15th – 21st ||

February 15th – Sunday Drive

I magically woke up after 5 am and watched Once Upon A Time til after 8:30 am.I walked around,listened to Rick Dees and played Kim K’s game.I ate breakfast after 10 am and washed my black clothes.I went back to playing Kim K’s game til I had to chop some vegetables. I was reading Gone Girl before lunch and after.My mother wanted to go to the Holetown Festival so I had to get ready  and we left after 2:30 pm ish .I was howling along to the radio.We had to drop my sibling off to meet some people and she made us drive an extra 10 – 15 mins because she didn’t correct my mothers directions.Anyways where we waited,there was a cricket match being played between men and women.After we delivered her to the people we went to the boardwalk and walked around,then had some KFC.

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I read Gone Girl while my mother and I played the waiting game,which was waiting for my sibling to call. We drove to Oistins and waited another 10 mins or so for her and I had to miss taking pictures of sunset.We finally drove to Holetown and got there at the end of the entertainment and was was done for the day. -.- We still walked around and looked at plants and I had some popcorn.On the way home I watched a Bryanstars interview with Black Veil Brides, listened to music and had a nap.When we finally got home,I played Kim K’s game,read Gone Girl and watched some YouTube videos I had to catch up on.When I got bored of YouTube,I watched Once Upon A Time and read Gone Girl til I slept.

February 16th – Gone Girl

I was up by 6:45 am  and started watching Once Upon A Time and playing Kim K’s game because it was clearly more important than finishing my homework. -.- I read some of Gone Girl and ate breakfast after 8 am.I struggled with my hair as always,had a shower and left.I caught a van and went to my classes.I had to take a letter to the hospital,so I walked for 30 mins,got a number and sat reading Gone Girl.2.5 hours later I left and walked to where the mini-buses exit and got one then went home.I finished reading Gone Girl on the way home and I was pretty pissed.I had a late lunch and watched Once Upon A Time,then Ellen and did homework while watching a movie.More of an attempt to do homework.Oops?! I watched the usual Wheel-Of-Fortune,Jeopardy  and The Bachelor,then spent time trying to catch up on YouTube videos.

February 17th- Pirate Blue Beard!

I finally fell asleep after midnight but was up before 7 am and playing Kim K’s game. I watched YouTube videos whilst having breakfast,attempting to make my hair manageable and do homework. I fixed myself some lunch,got ready and left. I actually got to class early,so I ate my lunch and tried doing more of my homework before going to the room. Some how during an entire class of discussion our teacher started talking about Pirate Blue Beard.I had to quickly correct her and say it’s Black Beard not Blue. I’m awful because I only remembered it was Black Beard from watching Once Upon A Time.After class I got the bus home and while walking,a neighbour had actually stopped me to help her take bags home because she was talking to someone at their house.I tried catching up on YouTube videos,watched a movie,then Ellen.I watched more YouTube videos while the music channel played in the background.I had dinner while watching Wheel-Of-Fortune, Jeopardy and Fresh Off The Boat.I managed to sleep early but when I woke up,I cleaned up the sink and showered.

February 18th – It’s Not Worth It

I kinda had a breakdown over the upcoming class so I decided to play Kim K’s game until I slept.I woke up after 8 am and began playing Kim K’s game.I watched Embarrassing Bodies while eating breakfast.Don’t do that! I actually watched The Real Husbands of Hollywood and YouTube videos. I fixed lunch to take to school,got ready,cleaned up and left home.On the way to school I went over some things to help with a quiz.I got to school early and ate lunch.I kept going over the endings and while doing the quiz I thought I would’ve done better than the week before but nope, I fucking failed.That teacher honestly makes me feel stupid and it’s the only class that makes me cry.When I got home,I watched 16 and Pregnant while playing Kim K’s game.I watched Ellen,had dinner,watched Catfish and some YouTube videos. I watched even more Catfish before watching Modern Family and Black.ish. I fell asleep at the table while watching YouTube videos.

February 19th – Dance Show In The Making

I woke up after 1 am and managed to make it to bed,watch YouTube videos,then fall asleep after 2 am.I got up after 8 am and straight away played Kim K’s game.I listened to the radio,watched Maury,had breakfast and watched Jerry Springer. Seeing as the teeth whitening mix had ran out,I made more before I ate lunch.I put on the music channel while I showered,swept and cleaned up.Once again I tried catching up on YouTube videos before Ellen started.My dinner was a scrambled omelette and for some reason I keep watching America’s depressing news.My cousin invited us for a preview of an upcoming show so I got ready,whitened my teeth and left.We had to pick up my sibling even though she could’ve taken the bus and she was in walking distance of the place.Thanks a lot rain.We stopped at a bakery and I got a yummy jam puff.We got to the place early and had to wait for about an hour for it to start.It actually went well and was about the history of Barbados from the time the British claimed it until Crop Over.We legit stood up and talked for almost an hour after it ended and all the remaining people got chased out.By that time it was almost 11 pm.When we finally trekked home,I had to watch more YouTube videos.

February 20th – Wushu & Tai-Chi Gym

I stayed up for a bit and finally crashed after 1 am but woke up after 3 am to play Kim K’s game.I did fall asleep again but got up just before 7 am this time.I tried catching up on more YouTube videos while playing Kim K’s game.I had breakfast and watched 16 and Pregnant, Nicki Minaj: My Time Again and My Super Sweet 16 (with Lil Wayne’s daughter) .At noon I watched Jerry Springer and after it finished at 2 pm I was really hungry so I put on the music channel and cooked me some soup.I watched YouTube videos,then Ellen and my mother said we’re going to pick my sibling up.I had to shower and get ready.I wore my ‘XS’ sweater which is so warm and soft.It was chilly that night.We got to the Wushu gym and I did some cart wheels. Alot of cartwheels.My mother was chatting up a storm so why not eh?When I got home,I had more soup then watched some YouTube videos before sleeping.

February 21st – The Fish and Dragon Festival

I had a slightly restless night because I woke up many times.I woke up for good after 7 am and played Kim K’s game.I watched YouTube videos and had breakfast.I was home alone, so why put on some music and dance. I heated up some left over soup,got ready and left home.My father drove me to town so he could get to work earlier and drop off the car for my mother.I had to get more food so I bought 2 spring rolls and vegetable fried rice.My mother took a spring roll from me -.-. The performances were quite boring until it got to the wushu and tai chi from the group I used to be with.I bought another spring roll and watched the dragon performance.There was a period of nothing and when it got darker people from the Chinese Embassy came up and spoke.From then on it got interesting.15 students from a troop in China came and performed.They literally landed in Barbados a few hours before performing.A little girl and boy spoke.The girl spoke Chinese and the boy interpreted it into English. The performances were amazing.The dancing was amazing,the outfits were on point and they sang You Raise Me Up……in Englissshhh. We left when there was an intermission. After 4 hours of being there,they had intermission.-.- When I got,I played Kim K’s game,watched a movie and ate cereal with milk and drank tea as well.I ended up falling asleep at the table,then getting up and going to my bed.

How was your week?

Were any of you ever kicked out of an activity?

I got kicked out of Wushu when I was about 13 or 14 for being rude after being thumped on the head 7 or 8 times in the same spot causing an instant headache.I was told if I walk out the door to never come back.So I walked out the door.


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