Youtube Channels !!

Youtube is huge right now and theses are just a few of the channels i’m subscribed to.Go subscribe to them if you haven’t.



I love watching Zoe’s videos.Zoe is dating Alfie Deyes a.k.a PointlessBlogTV. Also Joe Sugg a.k.a ThatcherJoe, is her younger brother. She’s so tiny it’s so cute.Whether it be hauls,beauty or vlogs.I especially love the vlogs.I just wish people didn’t hate on her and get her upset to stop vlogging for a few days.Vlogtember (September Vlogs) and Vlogmas (Vlogging til Christmas) are the absolute best. She has 2 guinea pigs called Pippin and Percy. She has beauty products and a book out.I have the book but I would really like to get her beauty products as well but I’m broke and they’re not on ( American) as yet.Book 2 to Girl Online is due to be released in the summer, I believe. Can’t wait! Zoe is such a lovely person.She has achieved so much with YouTube and she isn’t going to be finishing anytime soon.Both her and Alfie are being made into wax figures.She’s released a second collection of beauty products called Tutti Frutti I believe.

Update :  Book 2 to Girl Online is called Girl Online On Tour.



Mr.Alfie Deyes. He’s dating Zoella and they have a black pug together called Nala or Alan,according to Joe. Alfie’s laugh is infectious. He also daily vlogs so we get videos all the time.He has a book out called The Pointless Book which is full of activities, like drawing and more.He also said he’s completed part 2. He has merch out.Right now it is beanies and there were or still are posters.I’m not too sure. Alfie also has a gaming channel.I don’t watch it because I don’t play games.Horrible of me right?Alfie is a member of The YouTube Boy Band and the song is called It’s All About You(tube).Love, Love, Love it!!!

Update : It’s Pointless Book 2 has been released.



Joe Sugg, hoo haa! He is the prankster and extra funny one.Joe is prank master goals…just saying.Joe’s room mate is the one and only South African slut Caspar Lee.(I don’t know if people still say that or said it at all.oops?) HE IS NOT A DAILY VLOGGER. He does struggle with Vlogmas. He likes to mess with Caspar and especially Oli White.Poor Oli. Joe’s impressions are on point.Go watch his videos. I believe Joe has a gaming channel.I’m not a fan of watch people play games.Sorry Joe! Joe is one of the members of The YouTube Boy Band.Joe is Kyle the seagull in the new 3D Spongebob Movie. (UK Version)

Update: He has a book called Username: Evie being released in September.



 Caspar is a weirdly fun person.He does interviews with his fellow YouTube friends or random ones with his sister.He did how ever interview THE Kevin Hart. I feel bad for Caspar when Joe does so awfully hilarious pranks on him but he gets him back. Caspar is another member of The YouTube Boy Band.

Update : Caspar is seagull #2 in the Spongebob movie.



Troye is a youtuber,actor and singer. He is South African born but lives in Austalia. He was the main actor in all 3 Spud movies. He has a CD out which is a 5 song EP called TRXYE and he’s currently working on a full length album.He rarely vlogs but he does do videos. Troye came out in 2013.I seriously thought it was only last year but it’s been much longer. Also,go buy his TRXYE sweater.

Update : Troye’s album WILD is being released in a few days time!


Jim Chapman

Jim is the funny, wish he could be my older brother type of person.He’s engaged to the one and only Tanya Burr and they are supposed to be getting married this year.Everyone is waiting for the Janya babies.Jim vlogs and models.I love his baking videos.He is one of The YouTube Boy Band members. Jim and Tanya are a relationship goal couple.They’re just so cute together.Jim is also one of the most fashionable men of the UK.

Update : He has released a stationery collection called James & Friends and it’s all super cute.Jim and Tanya now have a puppy called Martha.

photo (2)

Tanya Burr

Tanya is a make-up guru.She vlogs and does make-up videos and more.She has a cosmetic line and a book.Her cosmetic line includes nail polish,lip gloss and eyelash singles.The book is called Love,Tanya.She’s engaged to the lovely Jim Chapman,or Jimbob as she calls him.Totally a relationship goal couple honestly. Tanya is also a bit silly.She usually says Oh nooo!!!!

Update : Tanya is releasing even more cosmetics and OMG…they are life!

marcus b


Heellloooooooo Marky Butt Butt.I like Marcus’ main channel videos and watch his Vlogmas vlogs.He has merch out.Usually extremely limited which sucks.His merch is so cute and he only had beanies out for 48 hours.*cry* He is Niomi Smart’s boyfriend.He is the final member of The YouTube boy Band.He released a music video around Christmas time when he got 1 million subscribers I believe.It’s hilarious. Marcus now has a book called Hello Life.

Leave a comment letting me know who you’re subscribed to and say what you love about them. 🙂


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