|| February 8th – 14th ||

February 8th – Grammy Night

Even though I was sleepy from around 9 pm the day before I managed to stay up til after 4 am after talking to a friend about my future and of course I got to see dimples.I got up around 9:30 am and started rereading past conversations with my dimpled friend then decided to start playing Kim K’s game.I had breakfast and turned on Rick Dees instead of having to listen to gospel all day long.I chopped up some vegetables  to steam for lunch and after I bathed the dog.She needed it.It’s always a struggle to bathe her. I watched some YouTube videos before lunch and more YouTube videos after.Kim K’s game was played.I then had a shower and listened to FOUR.I clearly have a problem with YouTube and watched more videos.I did some homework whilst my mother plait some of my hair.Watching America’s Funniest Home Videos is something I love to do on Sundays soooo I watched it,then my mother reminded me that it was the Grammy night as well.The best thing about watching major award shows and being on social media is the amount of jokes being made about clothes or just Kanye pulling a Kanye moment. I struggled to stay awake and crashed just after midnight and missed the end.Ugh.

February 9th – The Blues

I woke up at 8 am and of course, played Kim K’s game.I did the last minute homework and had breakfast.I was ready to leave by 9:30 am for a 10 am class which I got to 30 mins late.Big surprise,I participated in my 11 am class which wouldn’t happen often because it is literature…Spanish literature.When I made it home,I played Kim K’s game while watching Jerry Springer.I had some lunch while the radio channel played on TV and applied a face mask.I did some hand washing before watching Ellen.Eating some dinner was in order and listening to the radio channel happened again before watching Wheel-of-Fortune, Jeopardy and The Bachelor before sleeping.

February 10th – The Giggles

Waking up after 7 am is a miracle so to celebrate I played Kim K’s game and did my hair.More like tried to do my hair.After 8 am, breakfast was in order and after 9 am,some hand washing was done whilst croaking along to the radio channel.I started days 8, 9 n 10 of the arm challenge. While I got ready,I watched Maury.I got to class late ish and it was full of laughter as usual with that teacher.After class when I got home,I put on the radio channel, played Kim K’s game,played some YouTube videos and cleaned up before having lunch.I watched Once upon A Time,Ellen,some of America’s depressing News and had soup.Then it was back to Once Upon A Time,Fresh Off The Boat and some YouTube videos.I Bantu Knotted or Corkscrewed my hair while listening to the music channel,had a shower,cleaned the wares and slept.

February 11th – Another Dreaded Day

I woke up for a bathroom break god knows how many times. you know when you turn the light on and you still dot wanna open your eyes? I did that plenty times.When I finally got up for a bathroom break the sun was rising so i did the responsible thing and slept. Waking up at the appropriate time of 7:30 am ish I played Kim K’s game. Whilst figuring out some things I undid my ‘Bantu Knots’ or as I know them as ‘Corkscrews’ and just combed trough once with a big toothed comb. I helped my mother carry her bags to the car and then picked up my hand washing that was dry,came back inside and put on my favourite radio station. Apparently a hot-dog and a half was left for my for breakfast so I ate that then watched some BuzzFeed videos.Singing along to the radio I completed days 8,9 and 10 of the arm challenge which was started the day before.Some hand washing and re-writing my presentation was done here and there. I got ready ate some left over soup,finished some hand washing and left. When I arrived at class it was simply pure shit and I couldn’t wait to leave.She went over by 6 mins and I rushed to the bus stop. I had to wait 45 mins in the heat,which probably felt like the gates of hell. A bus and mini bus passed packed like sardines.Finally a minibus came and I got in.Here is where shit wanted to go down. After we stopped at the bus stop after the round-a-bout not much people could fit so we had to go and leave one man.Maybe they didn’t like the guy either but anyways,when we started to drive off the guy that was left slapped the conductor in his back.The conductor told the driver to stop then to drive again.The guy that was left wanted to be a scunt and  picked up 2 rocks to throw at the mini bus. Then when children get older adults say how awful the children are,when it’s some adults who are awful and the children follow.When I finally got home, I turned on the music channel before watching Ellen and having a late lunch.I watched the depressing American news,an episode of Once Upon A Time and then some YouTube videos.My night ended with watching Wheel-Of-Fortune,struggling with my hair whilst watching The Middle, applying a face mask, showering,then watching Modern Family and then I slept.

February 12th – Broke Meh Glasses

I was woken up at 6 am by my mother because I got a phone call from the University of East London.Whoo wee was it too early to function.I was happy for the call about getting the application form done. After the call I had to stay awake so I undid my corkscrews and played Kim K’s game.I finally decided to press some shirts from my pile of wrinkled shirts.I had breakfast,got ready and left home.While waiting on a mini bus I cleaned my glasses and I felt a pop.So I kind of broke my glasses when part of it unstuck.It felt weird wearing them. The minibus came and I got to school late,After class I rushed to town to go to the Optometrist’s branch and had an argument with my father because he wanted me to walk all the way to his office to walk all the way back to the branch.I went to the branch first and was told I would have to go to the main branch the next day to get them fixed.I went to my father’s office to get more bus fare and stopped to buy snacks before hustling to get a mini bus.When I got home,I started playing Kim K’s and managed to watched the last few minutes of Maury.When Jerry Springer was showing I heated up some lunch and after 1 pm I got another call form University of East London.I fell asleep watching Once Upon A Time and listened to the radio for a bit.I watched Ellen,Once Upon A Time and Wheel-Of-Fortune.I corkscrewed my hair again and watched Jeopardy,of course badly guessing answers.Project Runway:All Stars was having a marathon and I watched it and fell asleep before seeing who won.When I woke up I watched it again and got to see the winner.

February 13th-  Fixed Meh Glasses

I was up after 1 am and 3 am in between sleep,a movie and Kim K’s game.Finally after all the weird sleep I was up just before 7 am and undoing the corkscrews.I had breakfast,got ready and washed up the wares before leaving home.I basically left home 30 mins before I was told to get to the optometrist’s office.I did get a minibus and 40 mins later,I got out.There were about 3 horns that were tooted whilst I walked to the office.You see I didn’t dress to impress anyone.I dressed according to what was hung up to wear again.I gave the lady my glasses and sat down squinting my poor eyes to read Gone Girl.I should probably get contacts or have laser surgery done. Who am I kidding? I’d sleep with my contacts in and the laser eye surgery looks scary.I waited the 30 mins and hustled to a bus stop in case the minibus was going to pass while walking.A car pulled up next to me and some son of a mother trucker kept waving a business card at me.I took it because I would end up sowing my mother.I decided to go to the first bus stop just so I could get a seat.Another son of a gun,this time in maybe his 50’s or 60’s slowed down on the opposite side of the road saying he likes slim girls. Some men disgust me.I waited at the bus stop for about 20 mins before getting a minibus to go home.As usual I call my mother when I  got out of the mini bus and told her about the guy.I watched Jerry Springer and cooked ramen.Then watched Once Upon A Time before getting bored and listening to music before watching Ellen.When my mother got home and I showed her the business card,it took her a while before she realized she knew the name and was fairly pissed.I watched more of Once Upon A Time,then Wheel-Of-Fortune, Once Upon A Time,Jeopardy, Once Upon A Time and then Valentines Day the movie before sleeping.

February 14th- Happy Single Awareness Day or Valentines Day

I woke up before 8 am and decided that day was the day to swipe mp3 and reload music.I played Kim K’s game,put away some clothes and swept my bedroom floor because putting the music back on was going to take a few hours.I whitened my teeth before eating breakfast,eww.I mean I probably had breakfast at least an hour later around 11 am.I watched more of Once Upon A Time before lunch and during lunch I watched Bring It On.It wasn’t my favourite Bring It On but it did have Beyonce’s sister in it.I kept playing Kim K’s game til I had to mop my bedroom floor and then vacuum the car. -.- I listened to FOUR while vacuuming then came back inside and took over the TV to watch 90 Day Fiance.It’s kind of interesting.For the rest of the night I played Kim K’s game and watched Once Upon A Time until I fell asleep basically. 

How was your week?

Did anything strange happen?

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day?


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