Teeth Whitening!!

Whitening your teeth can be a struggle.Getting it done professionally can be expensive or you can use whitening strips or gel….or whatever.

I tried baking soda and lime juice,baking soda and salt and brushing my teeth like 4 times a day. Can someone say painful?

I went to http://www.pinterest.com and searched for some.I finally tried one and it started to work on the first go. Amazing!

7292d7c959b06e2f9a1eda44102a9eefNo I do not own this picture.Or will I take credit for anything.It shows the difference in colour and the instructions of which to follow.I’m pretty sure there are a gazillion other ways that people will use but I tried this and it is working. You may try it if you please but it’s easy and simple to do.

Go Get Those Pearly Whites You Want!!


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