|| February 1st – 7th ||

February 1st – Snowcone

I woke up early just before 7 am and immediately plugged my laptop in and started playing Kim K’s game.I had breakfast,which was an egg with parsley flakes sprinkled on top.I was back and forth between playing Kim K’s game and chopping vegetables for lunch.I also had to make salad. Eww! During lunch,my mother and I watched LifeTime movies.Well, I tried to but I just ended up reading Gone Girl.I was playing around with the dog when the snowcone man came.HNI_0052I tried hiding but i just ended up running upstairs to ask my mother for money and got a small coconut,pineapple and ginger snow cone. I realized that my dog just might be about 3 weeks pregnant and we would have puppies possibly by the end of March and I started doing research on how far along she might be.Also I started the arms challenge and after 2 push ups  my poor arms almost gave out but the tricep dips and mountain climbers went alright. Around 5 pm I had the leftovers from what I cooked the day before and just added in some veggies. I watched some Extreme Cheapskate ,more like attempted to watch it. I tried doing my homework and ended up watching Youtube videos and playing Kim K’s game again. I can’t deal.I was in my room for 2 hours before giving up and just watching America’s Funniest Home Videos and having cereal and milk(sugar included),before sleeping.

February 2nd – High As A Mofo!

I have a thing where I wake up early just to go to the bathroom yet I end up playing Kim K’s game.This time it was at 3 am.I woke up again just before 7 am and had breakfast after 8 am.I did my Day #3 arms workout.Dear Lord help my spaghetti arms!I cleaned my wares and when I walked out the kitchen,BOOM. I kinda called the Lord’s name in vain because there was a centipede walking around rather quickly.When I grabbed the spray and sprayed it from a very safe distance of maybe 4 feet,my sibling came and grabbed a shoe and killed the bastard.By this time it was almost 9 am.My class was at 10 am and I had to rush around and shower and pack my bag. About 1/3rd of the walk I realized I didn’t have my menthol inhaler and lip balm and did a weird kind of quick walk back inside.I grabbed them and I just had to party to 5 SOS’ version of What I Like About You.At this time I obviously was running late and clearly got to class late.I spent about 30 mins in that class then moved onto the 2nd class.People were talking about university and subjects and not knowing what to do.I kept my mouth shut as I have no clue about what I want to do myself.The 2nd class was boring because it’s literature….in another language. I suck at literature in English,what makes them think I can do it in Spanish. When I got home,I watched Jerry Springer  and ate lunch. This guy on the show was high as a mofo. Slurring his words and laughing for no reason.DON’T DO DRUGS PEOPLE!!! I played Kim K’s game  some more whilst wasting time.I then watched Ellen as I always do.I started season 3 of Once Upon A Time and obviously still played Kim K’s game till I slept.

February 3rd – Day Out and About

So I got up after 3 am for the usual bathroom break and once again ended up playing Kim K’s game.Again I got up after 5 am and without missing a beat I played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos.I had breakfast around 9 am and decided to start a bracelet. For some stupid reason I decided to have lunch around 10:30 am because I didn’t want to take it to school.The struggle. It was okra and rice with salt fish gravy.YUM! Somehow when I warmed it and had the cover on it in the microwave,food still ended up off the plate. -.- I ate then got ready and remembered the microwave,so I had to clean up quickly leave at 12 pm. I ended up having a mini snooze on bus and got to class 15 mins late.This day I had to go to the hospital and decided to walk.It only took 30 mins.I got a number and within 5 mins a lady came and took out the rest so I was lucky.I sat and did some more of my bracelet I started while I waited for about 2 hrs just to get a date for surgery.My mother came about 30 mins before my number was called and then we went to town for a bit of grocery shopping. I did what I usually do and put things in the basket. I got ramen, soup and garlic powder.I had to beg my mother to get the garlic powder  and then she went to the checkout lane because I would’ve added more things. Afterwards we went to a plaza for Asian food.I love the chicken balls with the sauce. After we ate we drove to the boardwalk and walked around for a bit then went to a mall on the other side of the road for some ice cream. Seeing as we had to pick up my sibling and she was close to my friend’s house I stopped by my friend to pick up Papertowns. I also got a book I needed for a class. My sibling had to perform with a group at a  hotel so we had to go there. I decided to go watch the performance to see if anything much had changed.Nope. A guy sang .He does good carnival songs but his outfit choices are scary. White pants,lime green button up shirt,white bowtie and a neon orange jacket. Finally got home around 10 pm and went straight to play Kim K’s game and started my homework due the next day.

February 4th – Alot of TV Shows

I woke up after 2 am and straight away played Kim K’s game. I went back to sleep and woke up properly just before 8 am annnndd played Kim K’s game.I had breakfast after 9 am and started my homework,more than likely due in a few hours.Day 2 and day 4 arms were done together,then I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant was watched before leaving home. I arrived at class 15 mins late and magically only 5 students including me,were there. We did our  presentations and then did a test which screwed me over.Basically I remembered to study the night before and didn’t. She said it was an exercise and then said a test. When I got home,I cooked ramen and watched Once Upon A Time before watching Ellen .Half way through Ellen I had finished 3 bowls of ramen.The American news is so depressing with people being killed and accidents. It’s awful. I didn’t watch our news I just let the American news show until Wheel-of-Fortune started. I’m getting good at guessing. I watched Jeopardy,which I suck at the answers but eh. From 9 pm to 10:30 pm I watched The Middle, Fresh Off The Boat and Modern Family.There was another episode of Fresh Off The Boat but I fell asleep mid-way through Modern Family. When I woke up ,I played Kim K’s game  and did some word search puzzles til I fell asleep again.

February 5th- Boredom

I magically woke up around 7 am and had breakfast before 8 am.Some how I left home and got a mini bus by 8:30 am. This isn’t surprising because I have been getting to classes late.I got to class 15 mins late. Even though it was a 1 hour class I was extremely bored because it was literature…in Spanish. When I got home,Kim K’s game was played and I had lunch.I didn’t feel like watching as much TV so I only watched Maury and Jerry Springer,then listened to the radio for 3 hours before watching Ellen and the American news.I did some fill-it-in puzzles before going to sleep.

February 6th – Sports Day

I woke up around 5 am and of course played Kim K’s game and watched YouTube videos til 6 am. When I finally got out of bed I had to watch Morning Barbados because the winners  from the speech competition were on. They came on around 6:30 am and they were very,very truthful. Whilst watching this I was moisturizing the roots of my hair trying to soften them a little.When the girls had finished talking I watched 2 episodes of One Upon A Time.When my mother got back home I had to rush and get ready and make breakfast to take with me because it was sports day at my old primary school. They started a little after 9 am and I had to take the 3rd postion runners. The best races to watch are the 3-5 year olds and the sprints. One thing I hate is when parents decide to record the races and want to tell you who came first and blah blah blah. There was a very,very close race and the parents were a few feet behind me and I was at the line so obviously I would know who came 3rd. The rain interrupted after 11 am so we just went to lunch for more than an hour.After lunch they continued with the novelties and decided it was ok enough to do the relays. When the point’s were being tallied there were parent races,old scholar races and for the first time in 16 years since I was at that school,there was a teachers race,which my mother won. I kinda missed my race against a rival because the announcer started the race instead of the P.E teacher who I was handing everything I had in my pockets over to.Green house won.Whoop!! My old house colour. I got home after 4 pm and listened to the radio before watching Ellen.I made some ramen and played Kim K’s game  before sleeping at the table and having to crawl into bed.

February 7th – Tired From Nothing

I got up after midnight to wash some wares I used and then watched YouTube videos til I fell asleep. At an appropriate time of waking up after either 7 am or 8 am I started playing Kim K’s game  while sweeping my bedroom floor and arranging my book shelf.I then whitened my teeth. I caught up on some YouTube videos and decided to start lunch after 1 pm.I peeled some potatoes and waited for my mother to get back home. I did the mash potatoes and steam vegetables whilst my mother did the cornbeef. I did dome fill-it-in puzzles while eating and then retreated to my room to watch a movie. I started my homework,,,well attempted it.I played Kim K’s game and watched even more YouTube videos. During the late evening I did days 6 and 7 of the arm challenge and played Kim K’s game.

Tell me is anyone else playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

How was your week and adventures?

If any of you have mock exams during this time, GOOD LUCK!!


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