|| January 25th – 31st ||

January 25th – Alone 😦

I believe I got up around 8 am and just walked around the house,listened to Rick Dees ( a Sunday morning must).My mother was cooking,people were busy,so I did what I did best, Watched Once Upon A Time.Photo0218 When everyone left,I had breakfast and then a 5-finger fruit/starfruit and a glass of mauby. I don’t know what possessed me to eat the fruit,it was awful.I decided to have a little bread cupcake thing my mother brought home but it was dry.The dog was begging at the door so I fed her some,then just gave her the whole thing. I finally had lunch at 11:59 am.I watched Alexander and the Terrible,Horrible,No Good,Very bad day or whatever it’s called.It was a funny movie.I literally watched Once Upon A Time the entire day til maybe 6 pm. I talked to someone who I didn’t speak to for a while til I got pissed off.I couldn’t stop singing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran,so why not listen to it?I listened to it then started crying for no reason.I cried for about an hour and when a friend got home from work I spoke to him.Also,I watched Miss Universe.Got sad that Miss America didn’t fall and happy that Miss Jamaica was in the top 5.Maybe after midnight,for the first time in the almost year I’ve known him I got to see him.Messy brown hair,blue-grey eyes and….wait for it…DIMPLESSSS!! His dimples are definitely the cutest things ever.We talked about the future jobs and also how I made him blush from going on about his dimples I want to kidnap.

January 26th – Meh

I fell asleep around 2 am and woke up after 6 am to get a start on my homework. I had breakfast,fought with my homework and left home after 9 am to get to class at 10 am.As usual the first class was fun and the 2nd class was spent doing work. Bleh.I got home,fried up some left over rice and watched Once Upon A Time, Jerry Springer and god knows what else.Of course I watched Ellen.DUH!

January 27th – I woke up before 4 am and ended up talking to my friend for 2 hours before he went to sleep and I stayed up.Time moved super slow.I watched I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and listened to the radio.I had breakfast and left home by 12 pm for my 1 pm class. The teacher had a meeting but left work for us to do.However, she kept popping in to check on us and there was a lot of chit chatting whilst doing the work. Class ended around 2 pm and I immediately left and got a minibus to go home.At home, I ate,watched Once Upon A Time and watched Ellen.

January 28th – Interpreting…kinda

I was dreading this day. I believe this teacher hates me. I was just glad I passed her class. I woke up after 4 am to have a bathroom break, sent a message and went back to sleep for almost 2 hours.I finally got up around 7 am or 8 am and just played with the dog.I had breakfast around 10 am and watched Once Upon A Time. I got ready and left home for 12 pm. The first thing she had us do in the 1 pm class was to talk about our vacation and gave us 5 mins to prepare.Ugh. During the 2nd hour she made us listen to her and write out every work in the announcements she was giving in Spanish and we had to recite them for her.Then she made us do an exercise and gave us homework for the next week. I rushed out as soon as class was over and had to take the bus home.I more than likely missed the minibus. FML. When I got home I had lunch and watched an episode of Once Upon A Time before watching Ellen.

January 29th – Once Upon A Time

One thing I hate are early classes. I woke up after 6 am and had to leave home for atleast 8:30 am.I got to class about 25 mins late and apparently the teacher got there just before me.We legit spent 35 mins sorting out the online version to La Casa De Bernarda Alba to make sure everyone had the same copy and talking about an email we never received because it was only sent to one person that wasn’t in the class.I honestly should have stayed at home.When I got home I finished season 2 of Once Upon A Time and ate lunch and waited around for Ellen to start at 5 pm.

January 30th -Winner

I went to sleep around 2 am after talking to 2 friends,while doing word search puzzles. I crawled out my bed just before 7 am and I honestly thought it was 8 am. I didn’t have my glasses on. Don’t judge me.HNI_0057As soon as my mother left home I changed the radio station to my favourite one, Mix 96.9 fm and they were doing a give away.The Settlers Season Golden Ticket Beach Rave. I had no clue about the beach rave. They said we have to text or call in and tell them, and spell correctly,the name of the artiste and song title. It was The Nights by Avicii. How did I know? I had YouTube help me and hope my answer was right. I was one of the first to be called and won 2 tickets. I honestly couldn’t believe I won. XD. One of the 4 winners 🙂 I left home around 11:30 am and had to wait at least 20 mins for a minibus.Got to town,got out the mini bus and got in a van (ZR). I didn’t even really walk around the mall, I grabbed my tickets,got a drink and snack and left. I got a minibus back to town and when it got to the van stand,I got out of that one and got into another one to get home.I had to sit and wait a few minutes before it left.I tried reading Gone Girl.I read maybe 6 pages then fell asleep. I opened my eyes a few times and was lucky that i was around the last corner, 4 bus stops before mine.When I got home I just listened to the radio and played more of Kim K’s game.I watched Ellen at 5 pm as usual and ate.I played Kim K’s game til I slept sooooo…yea.

January 31st- Cooking!!

I woke up after 8 am to hear someone in one if the bathrooms.My room is between both bathrooms and it’s annoying to hear them at night -.- .I had breakfast,played Kim K’s game whilst sweeping my bedroom floor and having the bed sheets being washed.I washed my hair,how ever I didn’t get to do the overnight oil treatment because the oil supply is low.How sad!I called my mother to ask for ramen while she was out. I did not want to cook at all.I waited 4 hours for the ramen. When my mother go home she said oh she didn’t see any at the supermarket. Buulllshitttt!!!!I was so mad I stayed hungry for over an hour then ending up cooking myself an elaborate, not elaborate at all when i’m cooking, meal.Twas a wonderfully simple meal but at least it tasted good. I will probably do a recipe later. It ended up being enough for me to eat twice.I actually tried eating it all but it was so filling I had to put away the rest.I listened to the radio the entire day whilst they played EDM and when I checked the location for the rave, I realized I couldn’t go because it is literally at the tippy top, the most northern part of the island and I live in the south-south-east.I also can’t drive sooo..yea. No way of getting there or back unless I take the bus which is a no no because bus service on Sundays may be a bit shoddy. I watched about 45 mins of fun With Dick and Jane.I went to my room for a bit whilst my mother watched TV and came back out,still playing Kim K’s game, to watch 5 mins of Due Date and half of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.I had some Honey Bunches of Oats with milk and sugar. I refuse to half cornflakes and milk without sugar.Disgusting! Johnny Depp was baus in that movie. I kinda started falling asleep at the table so quickly returned to my room to pass out across the bed and on my many cushions.

Have any of you ever won a national competition?

Do share it  and your experience in the comments.



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