|| January 18th-24th ||

January 18th – Hustle

My cousin and I left with whom we were told to leave with, seeing as we were sleeping over at a house. We had cheese paste sandwiches and then went up to a room to sleep. There were 2 single beds together and since we left our bags in my cousins car we couldn’t change out of our clothes really. I had trouble sleeping, not to mention the cold air coming through the window and I have never slept at the house. Even though I was covered with 2 flat sheets, I was still cold. I heard the front door open and close, mind you the house is huge and square with like the inside all natural. Boulders, trees, plants, the lot. My cousin came in the room her son and I were in, to tell us what we would be doing in a few hours’ time. Finally after dozing off, I had a couple hours sleep. I called my mother, then, even before I reached the bottom step I was told to go wake up my cousin. Someone else woke him up, my cousin came and gave me my bag and I legit had 25 mins to get ready. I left with 2 people to go to a workshop.

IMG-20150118-WA0002Even though I was to work backstage I was told to join in with the workshop and just have fun. I wore my Coach shoes my aunt gave to me for Christmas during the workshop but ended up taking them off because my little toes were getting blisters. Unfortunately, I don’t have socks for those shoes as yet. 30 mins before the show was to start, I went to a cottage to get ready. I did my hair, make-up and changed my shirt and put on a lacey type of stocking under my ripped skinnies(all in Black) to be told ,”Today was dress for the weather kind of thing.” I CAN survive in all black and extremely hot weather so it’s all good. After 2 pm the show finally started. It started just over an hour late because of problems with a set of speakers. I remember running on stage quickly just to had out bottled water and towels to the singer and band members. A lady I was working with took me to V.I.P and said, “This girl needs something to eat.” I had Rice with gravy, baked chicken, fried fish and samosas. YUM! I ate while the first performer was on. After eating, it was up and down the hill, on stage handing out water and towels and watching the show.I did have about 2 glasses of orange juice in those hours.After I walked the last performer on stage, I took off my boots and listened to him sing while trying to avoid a crazy woman dancing. I had a rum and coke just to reward myself for a hard days’ work. The show finished around 6 and once again I took my boots off to go stand in the pool. My goodness were my feet sore. There was a lot of calls as to how I was getting home. The lady I worked with took me back to the house we were staying at and I watched tons of YouTube videos with my cousins before falling asleep. I woke up to vines playing on the computer and a call saying,”Come outside. I’m here.” Twas after 11 pm when my cousin finally arrived. We met my father  and then my father took me home.Finally got home about 11:45 pm.I showered and caught up on the YouTube videos I’m subscribed to.

January 19th – Drained

I finally slept around 2 am just to be woken up by my mother yelling She’s leaving, that was after 8 am. I felt like what a zombie feels like I guess. I didn’t want to move at all.The entire day I just sat in front the TV and tried eating my weight in food.I had a horrible headache and just wanted to sleep but I can’t really sleep during the day. While watching Ellen,I decided to try a healthy snack. I tried making spinach chips. Worst thing ever.They tasted awful I tell you! Later that night I got in an argument with my mother about the next day. Apparently it was against the dress code for me to wear jeans and a t-shirt seeing as I would have to get to class right after the competition. I hate wearing dresses. I went to bed pissed off.

January 20th – Speeches

I was woken up early with my mother shouting asking if I’m going to the competition or not. I had to force myself out of bed and trust me I was angry from before 7 am till halfway through the competition. The competition went great even though I refuse to ever do the timing with someone else ever again. It took 2 hrs and then it was time for me to go to school but I didn’t want to. I was cold,hungry and sleepy.The teacher had messaged the class saying we wouldn’t have class seeing as the meeting ran over time. Hallelujah.I ended up going to my primary school and aimlessly walking around. I watched the children play cricket at lunch,then when lunch was finish and they rushed back to their class rooms, I ended up reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss to a 3 year old girl who wouldn’t speak.When we got home I just wanted my laptop and food. I honestly don’t remember much from the end of the day.

January 21st – HOLIDAY!

Tis a reason why I didn’t want to go to school the day before.Made no sense to start school then be home the next day. This is the day  I decided to start binge watching Once Upon A Time because I wanted to see Sheriff Graham. No one wanted to watch 50 Shades of Grey with me at the movies.Even though I only started watching the series from around 6 pm. I haven’t got he foggiest idea of what i did before. I only remember Once Upon A Time.

January 22nd – Back To School

I woke up with a tummy ache just after 5 am and continued watching Once Upon A Time. Sadly Graham was killed by Regina in episode 7. How dare she?! He was one of the reasons I liked watching Once Upon A Time.I believe I had class at 9 am. I got there 10 mins late but no biggie,it didn’t start yet.. After class I walked 30 mins to the hospital and apparently I was to be there earlier than 10:30 am. Oops? I got whatever had to be done…done and then walked 15 mins to town and got lunch.Yes the hospital is right on the edge of town but I had to walk to the food place. I aimlessly walked around town,sat in my father’s office,then had to walk back to the hospital to meet him for extra bus fare seeing as I had to go collect memorabilia from my secondary school.My father was going to take me to get a ZR but when we left my mother texted saying,She’s almost finished up so wait and she’ll take me. My father picked up what he had to from a store then we went back to the hospital. The package was so big one side of the back seat had to go flat. I had to squeeze myself in to to lay down till we dropped my father off. When we got to the school, I could only get the year book because where we had to collect the memorabilia had no more packages.I believe I got home just in time to watch Johnny Depp on The Ellen Show. After I ate. I went straight to watching Once Upon Again.

January 23rd – Memorabilia

I had class at 12:30 pm yet I still woke up before 8 am since I had to leave by 10 am to go collect the rest of the memorabilia.I hate having to go so far out of the way. Ugh. So I got the minibus and got off at one of the last bus stops before it went into the van stand. I crossed the road,got in a ZR and got to the school in less than 15 mins. Walking to go get my stuff, I was stopped by my art teacher.You see, I failed my art exam. Part of it was her fault. She kept telling me she didn’t like this or that and kept changing my designs. I also kept forgetting things at home and the way classes went,I didn’t care about art anymore.After the chat, I got my stuff and went to visit the librarian,then left.I went all the way back to the van stand and sat in a minibus.I was in no rush to get to school and had more than half hour til class started.I kept reading Girl Online because I like the book a lot and can not wait for part 2.I still got to school early -.- . I also found out my grades for the last semester of Spanish. 63% B-  ||  70.5%  B+  ||  78%  A-  . Never expected those grades  to be quite honest.Chit chat and a bus ride later I’m home.I ate lunch and watched TV,YouTube videos and Once Upon A Time,then slept.

January 24th – Timing

I actually didn’t wake up early. I got up around 8 am,watched Once Upon A Time, had breakfast and oh,Sun,Sex and Suspicious parents was watched as well. I swept my bedroom floor and showered. I felt great knowing that I didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day but eat and watch Once Upon A Time. My mother and sibling had left home and I had a chat with an online friend from Ireland. He’s so weird,then again I don’t have ‘normal’ friends because I’m weird as well. I remembered I had a toastmasters meeting at 3:30 pm. Well shit! My mother got back home I had to end up peeling potatoes for lunch.My father helped and we kinda had a race.I had a peeler,he had a knife and won. I still had to go over some of the ones he did anyways so in my mind I won.I finished watching the 1st season of Once Upon A Time before leaving home and got mad at Mr.Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin. We went to the meeting,where I was timer again. The meeting ran over. Next thing I know we’re going all the way to the mall to buy printer ink and have dinner. I had a slice of pepperoni pizza.We were going to get pasta but they now had to make the sauce and it would take 20 mins. I was so tired when I got home but i pulled through and watched 2 episodes of Season 2 of Once Upon A Time before falling asleep.

How was your week?

Do you binge watch any shows and if so what are they?


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