|| January 11th – 17th ||

January 11th -Movies

Sundays are always uneventful. Lunch. 4 movies in a row.Popcorn. My mother had to go pick up my sibling from the airport. Yes I said sibling and not sister for a reason.I was home alone for almost 2 hours. I had watched a movie I definitely wasn’t prepared for and when it was over the house was dead silent. Some weird noises outside and i just stayed shut in my room.When they came home around 9 it was time for Galavant. I love that show but there will only be 4 episodes apparently. After Galavant was over, I showered and slept. Just like that.

January 12th –  Bleh

I sit and struggle to remember what I did that day. I believe I watched tv most of the day. Embarrassing Bodies, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Maury, Jerry Springer and Ellen. That’s about it.Oh and I tried continuing reading Gone Girl.

January 13th – FML

My vacation is winding down and I start school on the 20th,which is stupid since the next day is a holiday.A priest came over after 6 am and blessed the house,then sat and talked to my father. My mother started back up with telling only me,she’s going to make him speak to me and my sibling. Every time she always only tells me that but never my sibling. I told her everyone keeps ganging up on me with that foolishness. Her,my father and 2 aunts. She claims they have spoken to my sibling about it but when my aunts call they rarely speak to her. I realize I haven’t tried catching up on my workouts , so I definitely have to try to catch up and complete days.

January 14th – Beach Day

My friend invited me to the beach for one of his friend’s birthday. I met her twice so that was alright. I stopped by the ministry first to ask about scholarships but all the deadlines were gone and the last one that would be available soon would be to go to China. Halfway across the world,No chance of coming home for Christmas.Anyways I spent a few hours at the beach.

IMG-20150114-WA0002 I didn’t have lunch so when I got home I ate but felt sick afterwards because it was a it oily :/. I didn’t get to start the oil treatment for my hair to help with growth. I actually started dozing off before 10 pm  and forced myself out of bed to watch modern family and ended up sleeping. I took a shower and went to sleep before midnight.

January 15th – Painful

I woke up after 5 am with terrible stomach pains,which lead to restless sleep for the next 3 hours. When I finally rolled out of bed, I didn’t want to eat so I sat and watched I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and Maury. I decided I needed to do the oil treatment and it had to be that day.I had breakfast first then got started.I’ll write more about the oil treatment another time.I believe I watched TV the entire day.Had some lunch and dinner before washing my hair. I tried reading more of Gone Girl but iv’e never read a detective type book so it’s kind of hard for me to stay focused on it.Also it’s like 553 pages and it’s a short fat book,not long like 50 Shades of Grey.The height (or is it length?) of 50 Shades is good.Instead of drying my hair like a normal human with a hair dryer…..I just towel dried it and sat in front a fan.That was the end of my night.

January 16th – Usual Day

I woke up maybe around 9:30 am,still feeling some tummy pains but I did the usual day routine. Morning shows,breakfast,lunch,dinner. However, I flat ironed my hair to be ready for the next day. My cousin had called during the week asking if I was free for the weekend,to work back stage at a Music Festival. I needed to at least look a bit better. So I finally had my hair as straight as possible.I fed the dog popcorn whilst watching The Ellen Show.

Should dogs have popcorn?

After 6 pm, I felt like watching music videos with dancing,but then humans came home and just completely ruined my mood.When I decided to sleep,I listened to one of my favourite songs by NeverShoutNever called Silver Ecstasy.

January 17th – Work

I managed to wake up before 10 am, I caught up on Modern Family and Once Upon A Time. I fell asleep watching 5 episodes when they showed on TV. I had breakfast,pressed a shit ton of shirts and then had lunch.When I called my cousin she said,” Be in town for 6 pm or 6:30 pm.” I had 2 hours to get ready,then she called back and said her son suggested I pack a bag to sleep over at the producer’s house. I thought I had time to watch a movie then get ready but boy was I wrong. Two hours I took to get ready and packed. I had to run to a mini-bus. I got to town and waited on another cousin to pick me up and take me to the others,where my cousin and I who had to work,waited  for them to finish rehearsals.Even though we were less than 5 mins away from the show,we were 10 mins late. The cousin working with me backstage pulled out some straw berries during the car ride. I haven’t had strawberries in years because they’re expensive here. They’re still a favourite of mine apparently. We spent the night watching bags,snacking on cookies and watching the show. About 30 mins before the show was over my cousin said,show your passes to the food and drink stalls in V.I.P to get food and drinks. I got 4 meatballs (2nd time ever), half of a flying fish and ginger ale. My cousin got fried shrimp,half a flying fish and a rose wine. He ended up giving the wine to his mother,I gave him my ginger ale and then I got a rum and coke. The show ran over, come on it’s Barbados,things usually start late but it also depends on the artiste. We were told that we would be going home with the producers wife to stay in one of the rooms. Dear God I love their house,I can’t even explain it. HNI_0051I have to stop right there because the rest continues past midnight.

How was your weekend?

Any hard days?

Tell me about it?


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