The Blamed

This is something I wanted to avoid for a while.

Saturday night, I overheard my mother talking to my aunt about something that happened in July 2014 between my sibling and I.

My sibling is 7 years older than me,which makes her 26.

It was a Saturday and I completely forgot about the toastmaster’s meeting at 3:30.My mother left home before I woke up so it was just my sibling and I. I knew the sheets got washed because I started the machine but i forgot about them and I didn’t hear the noise it makes when they’re done. My sibling final -fucking-ly scrubbed the bath seeing as we have to take turns and it usually takes her 3 weeks to realize it’s her turn. Anyways when my mother got home and told us about the meeting I didn’t shower yet.My sibling did. She also mopped the house like my mother told her to. Seeing as my mother throws a tantrum every time we’re late for something she’s interested in , I simply asked my sibling for help with hanging out the sheets seeing as she was dressed and putting on make -up. She said no, so I left her sheets  for her to hang out herself. I hung up the other sheets and had to literally take a 2 min shower and rush to get dressed.

When we got home from the meeting she realized I left her sheet and proceeded to yell at me telling me I’m selfish,then told my mother and my mother bitched at me. The next day I realized she posted a Facebook status saying she wished she could choose who she was related to and since then she stopped speaking to me.

Everyone asks, ” Why didn’t you hang out her sheets as well?”

I say,” Because she would’t help and I needed to get ready and she was dressed and putting on make-up.”

No one ever asks,” (Sibling’s name) why couldn’t you stop putting on make-up and help your sister with the sheets,so she could get dressed on time?”

I’m the one who gets blamed.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about that stupid incident and people should honestly just let it go.

They all say we’re big girls and we should speak to each other. I wasn’t the one who stopped speaking, it was her.

Do any of you get blamed for things that aren’t fully your fault?

Who else’s mother goes on and tells the family about the bad things you do and never the good?

Who else’s family members attack you about an incident and shout at you as if they were there?

We all have family trouble don’t we.

No one’s perfect.


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