|| January 4th – 10th ||

January 4th – Snoozing

This was quite an uneventful day. I had lunch then slept for what felt like 40 years. I believe I watched a British series called Baby Bomb which is a tad bit interesting.Just about couples who have babies and they put them in the same building.

January 5th – Movies

I stayed at home alone. I finished up watching Jump Street 22 seeing as I started it the night before and fell asleep.Afterwards I decided to watch John Tucker must Die which just had to be followed up by Mean Girls. You just can’t watch one and not the other.I tried catching up on my daily cardio exercises.I had to finish them all by the next day because on the 7th I would start over with Workout #1.

January 6th –  Girl Online

I stayed home again…pfft. Watched some Lifetime movies and I’m almost fully caught up on the cardio.I went to the doctor as well basically a check up kinda? Problems from last year.Also I received the books my cousin generously ordered for me. I’ve been keeping it a secret from my friend.Both of us love watching Zoella videos on YouTube and we both wanted the book.When I asked my cousin to order it in November I told my friend and she said,” tell her get me one. I’ll pay for everything.” Little did my friend know I already asked for 2 copies,one for me and one for her.I got her one for her birthday on Saturday.Now I have them I can’t even show off a bit and be like, I got my Girl Online copy…yassssss!!!!! I wrapped her copy already.I have to keep quiet til I see her Friday,even though we’re going to town tomorrow .Apparently I need a brow pencil and she wants to go buy make-up.I have made it a mission to finish reading Gone Girl by Thursday so I can start Girl Online by Friday.

I have seen that people have been giving Girl Online 1 star.Something about it’s immature and a ghost writer. It’s her first book like what do people expect.Some John Green ish? Zoe is a fashion and beauty blogger and a vlogger.She put some of her into the book as well. Don’t be so harsh on her.


I’ve been ‘sucking’ on some sugar cane. We say ‘sucking’ more like chew and swallow the cane juice.I don’t know what to eat so maybe I’ll have some malt then some peppermint tea before bed.

January 7th – Perfume

So I didn’t catch up to my workouts fully.Damn.My body was soooo sore from attempting cardio but i  managed to finish day 1.I had to go to a primary school for a speech competition which the toastmaster’s group i’m in hosted, where I was the timer. I absolutely loved the speeches the 3 girls presented. It was based on Independence…Barbados’ Independence. 1 of the girls was actually British and I usually find it funny how the Brits pronounce Barbados. It sounds more like Bar-bae-doss (strong ‘o’) and not Bar-bae-dos. However us Bajans say Bar-bae-dus. Anyways, I went to town and after walking for god knows how long I finally delivered 4 letters for my mother and had to walk around til my friend came.That happened  just that my headband broke and my hair….my poor hair ended up being even more of an eye sore.I had to rush to my father’s office to fix it but got held up at the bridge because they were probably doing maintenance and half of it was raised.

Photo0207 Delayed 5 mins. When I got to the office i had to finger comb slight headband curls and put in 2 pins to keep it in. Then technically I walked back and forth through town to different stores to waste time because my friend had to go collect her degree. My legs were about to give out at this point XD. When she finally came, we walked around for a bit trying to find make-up because she wanted to get some.After all the shopping was over, I wanted to go look at the Pandora bracelets,then I ended up spraying One Direction and Justin Bieber’s perfumes all on 1 arm to decide which smelled the best. I really liked That Moment by One Direction. When we finally left the store we stood outside just talking for 15 mins before reluctantly leaving.I don’t quite remember what I did for the rest of the day. Maybe I watched Ellen. I don’t know.

January 8th- Ugh

So I was once again dragged out of my bed to go be timer at another school. Someone puked.The kids were awful.No one spoke for the 3-5 mins and 5 of 6  were disqualified. I shit you not ,a boy went to the lectern with only the paper with the number he picked and stumbled over 6 sentences basically repeating himself. I was absolutely pissed that I had to leave home for that. To return home I had to go allllll the way to town to get a mini bus . I was a 15 min drive away from home but seeing as no buses connect to get me home it took almost 2 hours. I wasn’t motivated to make any calls like I was to do or to hand wash. I ate beans and rice, then pop corn and watched random shows til 5 pm for The Ellen Degeneres Show

January 9th – Beach Day

It was my friend’ s 20th birthday.Started the day arguing with my mother and crying. Anyways I completed some of what I wanted to do before leaving home at midday. We were to meet at 1 but my friend said she’ll leave home at 1,so I walked for about 30 mins to a little plaza and ordered what I believe is the best Chinese food I’ve tasted in Barbados and sat and waited. I started reading Girl Online whilst I was in a mini-bus on my way to town, so I continued whilst eating. I didn’t want to eat so much of it because seeing as I look preggers when I eat. After complaining to another friend about them not being there on time because 1 person was late,really late,they finally showed up just before 3 pm. They apologized,the rain fell,they ate and finally I made my friend open the gift. She hugged the book and said thank you quite a bit,then attempting taking a proper pic to Instagram it.Once the rain stopped we proceeded to walk to the beach. We checked out one by a hotel but it was a bit too rough and they were no hotties even on the lounge chairs. Of course not, because the rain fell. We walked back to the beach before the hotel and after they changed and we found a spot,

HNI_0047 My friend’s brother finally arrived and just sat there and ate while playing  a game.The water was kind of cold. Like just a tad bit but they went in while I just stood on the shore having the water cover my feet and sometimes running from it. When I was about to head into the water with them the rain poured . When it stopped, we went to an area where there wasn’t too high waves and just stood there jumping each time a wave came then digging our feet in the sand trying not to be dragged out further. I can not swim for shitI had originally planned to leave around 4:30 pm but almost 2 hours later we finally left and had to wait on a van or bus that had space for 4 to leave.I got to town,got a mini-bus and left with-in 5 mins. I didn’t call my mother because she wouldn’t speak to me so I had to run awkwardly to the house.I showered and then continued reading Girl Online Whilst watching a bit of Sun,Sex and Suspicious Parents Series 4.

January 10th – Babysitting

I had agreed to babysit my 2 year old cousin and thank god my uncle called and said his mother would drop him off. That meant I didn’t have to rush and get ready seeing as I woke up around 7:30 am. He came and played for a while.I read Girl Online and kept it far from him because he defaced the very first page of Paper Towns with a pen. We watched Peppa Pig on a tablet ,then for about 20 mins on TV and he didn’t make any noise what so ever,that I had to check and make sure he was still there. After he left, I had lunch and continued reading Girl Online. Now I want a regular Noah in my life. *sigh* I watched the 2nd episode of Sun,Sex and Suspicious Parents Series 4, then started trying to continue reading Gone Girl again.

It may seem like a hectic week but most of it was fun based.

If anyone actually reads just tell me how your week went. 🙂


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