|| January 1st – 3rd ||

January 1st – New Year’s Day

I must start from 00:00 am because it was New Years Day. I slept over at a friend. The Walking Dead was playing in the background whilst we said Happy New Year and I spent about 15 mins sipping about a ¼ bottle of rosé wine. I watched some Hawaii 5 I think is what the show was called and fell asleep around 2 am. I have no clue but I was woken up after 2 and ushered to my friends room where 3 of us managed to squeeze onto a double bed. Finally got up 20 mins before 7 since being squished by people on either side is never fun -.- .I sat around on my laptop re blogging stuff on tumblr and watching some pirate show with my friend’s little brother .Omelette at 10 am…the time I was to leave the house but that didn’t matter because within an hr and 15 mins I was dressed, packed and on a bus to town. When I got to town I sadly had to wait 15 mins to get a mini bus to go home. I had agreed to go with another friend to the beach so I literally had 30 mins to run to my house,shower,get dressed,packed, take any vitamins and tablets then rush to the bus stop.I missed a bus and the mini-bus  by a few seconds and  had to wait 10 mins for another bus thinking I’d be late meeting my friend and others at the beach. Turns out I got there 40 mins before them( Bajans are always late)  and spent my time listening to music and avoiding sand from blowing into my face. Before I left home my aunt and my mother simply told me not to go in the water but I just had to….til I got too cold and ran away from my friend. I left around 5 pm to get a bus and go to my aunt’s for dinner. When I got home it was shower, then sit in front the laptop to midnight and to bed. That was definitely my first adventurous New Years Day

January 2nd – Lipgloss

This day started out with finding 2 star shaped helium balloons.For the first time in forever (a.k.a in my 19 years of living) I finally had helium balloons which my father brought home from a restaurant he works at, at night. I had to meet my mother in town and of course she was late. We spent a few mins arguing because I didn’t know where a building was and I had to pick something up for her.Of course I didn’t let that ruin my mood, so I bought a NYX mega shine lip gloss.Ice Princess Unfortunately it doesn’t show up much on my lips but damn does it smell good. I honestly forgot what I did when I got home.

January 3rd- A White Fluffy Dog

I remember my mother and I went to an aunt’s house to pick her up to take her to visit her sister. I love the 2 kittens at my aunt’s house but my mother won’t allow any kittens at home any more. At my other aunts house, there’s a dog named Queenie. White, fluffy cuteness that knows how to play catch and apparently likes to drink malt. That’s just a recap of  the very first week of 2015. Let’s see how the rest go. 🙂 How was your New Years?


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